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Imagel - Gel doc imaging using your smart phone

Gel doc imaging using your smart phone camera.
Hood dimensions: 17cm (W) x 17cm (D) x 14cm (H). Compatible with iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S. Smart phone and light source not included. For a complete system, available light sources listed below)

Compact design: Total footprint with UltraThin LED Illuminator system (shown in photo): 21cm (D) x 21cm (W) x 17cm (H)

Flexible options: Imagel can be used with 3 different light sources

Light Source Stains
Blue LED DNA applications that use Green DNA, GelGreen, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold;
Protein applications using LavaPurple
UV AmberDNA, ethidium bromide, SYBR®, Oriole™, fluorescent gel stain, GelRed, SYPRO Ruby, Coomassie Fluor Orange, Krypton
White Protein applications that use Coomassie Blue, copper, silver, zinc

Simplicity: Snap a photo and save on your phone or upload to the cloud for hosting, sharing, image analysis and annotation features (free 6 month cloud storage, managed by Benchling, included with purchase of a complete system)

Increased image resolution: Get images with better resolution by cropping or zooming, utilizing a light boosting app

Greater functionality: No computer cords, cables or USB flash drives required


Complete system options (Light sources sold separately):
Imagel + UltraThin LED Illuminator
Imagel + UltraBright Large Format LED Transilluminator
Imagel + UltraBright Large Format UV Transilluminator
Imagel + UltraThin White LED Panel


Cat # GDR-500

CeraLysis Lysing Matrix

Each impact-resistant tube contains 1.4 mm ceramic spheres. CeraLysis is used primarily for lysis of softer tissues like brain, liver, kidney, lung, and spleen. Also used to lyse plant tissue such a leaves, roots, and fruits, as well as cultured cells and whole insects. This grinding matrix is chemically inert and will not bind nucleic acids. Compatible with MP Biomedicals Lysing Matrix D, 25 x 15 ml tubes.

See complete line here.



Gel Company is pleased to offer new GYROZEN centrifuges.                
Complete line includes:

Large Capacity
High Speed
Universal Low Speed


Array Ferrule Sleeves for 3100 and 3130 arrays

Array Ferrule Sleeves used to fasten the capillary array into the polymer delivery pump block of the Genetic Analyzer Instrument. The Array Ferrule Sleeve is double tapered and helps fasten the capillary into the array port.


Cat # FA3100-4
3100 ferrule

Capper for 1.5 / 2.0ml screw cap tubes

The Capper offers the convenience of a flip cap with the security of a screw cap.  This semi-automated unit offers many advantages for capping or decapping tubes.  With true one handed operation, you will never have to put down your pipet to close a tube.  Capping is faster and  less distracting.  Contamination is greatly reduced because the cap remains untouched through the entire process.  Dirty gloves or bare hands are no longer a source of contamination.  Designed for ergonomics,  hand fatigue and repetitive stress are reduced. The Capper has a small footprint for use on the lab bench or in the hood.  Capper can be modified to work with various tubes and caps.  Unit comes with 10 racks of caps (330 caps). Patent pending.

Cat # CAP1000

Electroporation Cuvette Chiller

Prior to electroporation, it is important to keep cells at the correct temperature.  If the cuvette is placed directly on ice, cells can freeze and die.  If the cuvettes are kept at room temperature, cells may change their physiological state.  The electroporation chiller maintains a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees C when placed on ice, enabling you to work with the cuvettes at the lab bench near the electroporation unit.  The chiller holds up to 12 cuvettes inside a thermoconductive block for rapid cooling.  The block conforms to SBS footprint, and contains holes for inserting standard lab thermometers.  The entire block surface is anodized to be durable, reusable, and easy to clean.  This unit accepts both keyed and standard cuvettes.

Cat # ECC100-12

UltraThin White LED Panel

UltraThin White LED Panel for easy to view colorimetric gels.  210mm(W) x 305mm(D) x 15mm(H) - illumination area 170mm(W) x 275mm(D)

•  Uniform illumination design (lightguide plate + diffuser)
•  Cost Effective
•  For viewing protein gels, blue or silver stained media
•  Compact size for lab
•  Low power consumption
•  No need to use UV for white light conversion
•  Long lifetime (~50,000 hrs)
•  CE/FCC Certified

Cat # SWP-01

Reservoir Septa

Reservoir Septa for ABI3100, 3130 Analyzer and ABI PRISM® 3100 AVANT® Genetic Analyzer.  

Cat # SEP16-20

Protein Ladders

The Flash Plus Prestained Protein Ladder contains proteins that resolve into sharp, tight bands. The Flash Plus Prestained Protein Ladder allows you to monitor molecular weight separation during electrophoresis, estimate molecular weights of proteins of interest and evaluate western transfer efficiency.

See all protein ladders here.


UltraThin LED Illuminator

UltraThin LED Illuminator offers the flexibility of easy gel cutting. It's compact and lightweight for easy portability. 210mm (D) x 210mm (W) x 30mm (H) - viewing surface: 120mm (D) x 70mm (W).

User friendly: View and cut gels easily, with no need to wear amber glasses
Safe: Blue LED's are less harmful than UV light; no DNA damage
Sensitive: Optimized for use with most nucleic acid and protein stains, sensitivity up to 0.5ng
Uniform: <10% coefficient of variance (CV) in the central viewing area

Cat # TLB-01

Ultra Low Binding Dishes and Plates

Lipidure®-Coat is an ultra low binding biomimetic MPC polymer. This coating has been applied to standard cell culture dishes to create a surface similar to a human cell membrane to create spheroid bodies in solution. The polymer coating resists surface binding by cells or proteins. See all Lipidure®-Coat products here.

Cat # LCD60
Cat # LCMD06
Cat # LCU96


The ArrayMix can hold 1-4 microscope slides contained within 16-24 well sectioning chambers (chambers sold seperately) for a total of up to 96 arrays. Each slide makes direct contact with a thermal block to maintain accurate temperature control from 15ºC up to 90ºC, with a tolerance of 0.1ºC. Each of the three slides sits on an orbital shaker. The slides orbit around a small radius at an adjustable speed, from a low of 300 revolutions per minute to a maximum of 900 revolutions per minute. The orbital shaking allows for use of low concentration or dilute targets in hybridization, which saves money when using expensive peptides or antibodies for array experiments. Mixing during hybridization can also be an essential step for success in array experiments.

ArraySlide chambers sold separately.

Cat # AM16-3

ThermoMix 500

Digitally controlled Peltier heater and cooler (6C - 105C) orbital mixer (3000 -15000 rpm) for cell killing assays, RNA transcription, immunoprecipitation, enzyme kinetics, ligations, and more. Interchangable sample blocks for plates or tubes.

Cat # THM500

MUPID-exU horizontal electrophoresis system with attached power supply

The MUPID-exU is a new generation submarine electrophoresis system and includes a detachable, multi function power supply, direct visible gel box with high UV transmittance, a safety shut-off interlock cover, multichannel compatible gel loading combs, gel pouring stand, and a built in timer for set runs or continuous run modes.

Cat # MPDEXU-01
Horizontal Electrophoresis

Capillary Array Regeneration

Recycle • Re-Use • Regenerate

Increase the number of usages from your capillary array. Send us your expired array ABI3730XL and/or ABI3100/3130 – and we will regenerate it back to its full use for just a fraction of the cost of a brand new capillary array. Comes with the same warranty as a brand new array. Arrays can be regenerated multiple times. For best results, send us your array as soon as it comes off the sequencer or store the arrays wet before shipping. Send and receive the same array, regenerated arrays come back clean and dry can be stored until ready to use.

Cat # AR3100-4
Cat # AR3100-16
Cat # AR3730-48
Cat # AR3730-96


These disposable gridcutters simultaneously cut and excise multiple gel slices within 1 lane of a gel. The gridcutters ship as 1 pack of 10 blades. The blades are attached to a mount (sold separately). The mount also comes with special pick to remove gel slices from cutter. To help you decide which one is best suited for your application, please see our GridCutter Selection Guide.

Cat # MEE1-5-50
Cat # MEE2-7-25
Cat # MEE2-9-34
Cat # MEE1.5-5-48
Cat # MEE1-10-26
Cat # MEE1.3-1.3-36
Cat # MEE1-1-64
Cat # MEE1-3.5-26
Cat # MEE2-2-16


The SlideImprinter is a much more effective and productive way to partition slides used in laboratory and microarray analysis. This instrument is ideal for high throughput screening where multiple assays need to be run on a single examination slide with minimal risk of contamination between assays. US Patent# 11/288,588.

Click here for more info

Cat # WSP12-1
Cat # WSP16-1
Cat # WSP48-1
Cat # WSP60-1
Cat # WSP192-1

Array Slide Chamber 64 or 96

Perform 64 or 96 assays on four slides in a microtiter plate sized platform. The detachable chamber is useful for printing and scanning on a flat, 2D surface, while hybridization can occur by assembling the upper structure with a compression gasket for tight, leak-free sealing. A variety of configurations are available, including a 16 place 1 slide unit, 24 place 1 slide unit, and a 96 place 1 plate unit. Works well for arrays, primer extension studies, and other hybridization techniques where detection on glass is used.

Cat # AHS24-4
Cat # AHS16-4
Cat # AHF16
Cat # AHS24


Gel Company manufactures replacement parts for brand name electrophoresis systems and other life science instruments. We are not authorized resellers for brand name parts, but rather make our own products to fit in these systems and offer them at a lower cost.
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