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MegaMIX Blue, PCR Master Mix w/Blue Dye
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MegaMIX Blue, PCR Master Mix w/Blue Dye

Price: $593.00
Units: 25 x 1 ml

MegaMix is a complete freeze / thaw, stable, high-performance PCR Master Mix containing all the basic components required for PCR amplification; a licensed Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP's, MgCl2, reaction buffer and a superb enzyme stabilizer. To set up a PCR reaction, simply thaw MegaMix, aliquot the desired volume and add DNA and primers. MegaMix Blue also contains a blue gel loading dye. After your PCR just load directly onto electrophoresis gel. No Loading Buffer Required. Many other mixes are available with or without loading dyes, at various strengths and concentrations. Please inquire.

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Gel Company manufactures replacement parts for brand name electrophoresis systems and other life science instruments. We are not authorized resellers for brand name parts, but rather make our own products to fit in these systems and offer them at a lower cost.
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