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Life Science Tools

Gel Excision Tips
Gel doc imaging
Simultaneously excise multiple gel slices
Array Regeneration
Replacement glass for cryostat anti-roll systems
Section slides for multiple simultaneous assays


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arrow May 1, 2015 - Omega Lum W Imaging System - A new perspective on Western Blot imaging
arrow December 30, 2014 - Check out our NEW PRODUCTS page for Gel Imaging and Documentation Systems
arrow December 15, 2014 - Specimen Disc now available for Leica CM1520
arrow December 9, 2014 - Cryostat Oil now available for Leica Cryostat
arrow November 15, 2014 - Gel Company Acquires Aplegen Life Sciences
arrow August 1, 2014 - Imagel filters available for Blue LED or UV light sources
arrow June 13, 2014 - We've expanded our Blotting Paper section
arrow June 13, 2014 - New Fiber Foam Pad sizes available
arrow June 3, 2014 - Check out our full Gibco-BRL product line
arrow March 17, 2014 - Press Release: New Tube Capper/De-capper Offers High Flexibility at a Low Price
arrow February 26, 2014 - NEW Imagel Gel doc imaging using your smart phone camera
arrow January 10, 2014 - CeraLysis Lysing Matrix
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We are a small company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of Life Science products for the research community. We provide our products at affordable prices while maintaining the highest level of quality, efficiency, and expertise. We focus in the areas of Proteomics, Cell Biology, Lab Essentials, DNA Analysis and Microarray with several hundred products. From gel excision tips to vial cappers to 10X Genetic Analyzer Buffer, we can offer something to help improve the efficiency or accuracy of your research projects. Please call us today at 1-800-256-8596 or visit our Contact Us page.