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Lipidure®-Coat-60mm Dish LCD60

Lipidure   Coat  5005f63e0a59f
$80.00 each


Lipidure®-Coat is an ultra low binding biomimetic MPC polymer. This coating has been applied to standard Cell Biology dishes to create a surface similar to a human cell membrane to create spheroid bodies in solution. The polymer coating resists surface binding by cells or proteins. 60mm dish, 20/pk

• Cell and proteins do not adhere to the surface
• Spherical embryoid bodies are formed easily
• MPC polymer has low toxicity


Eliminate Cell attachment to cell culture plates.  In a case study using Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial cells, a comparison was made using Lipidure coated 96U plates (LC), and Corning Ultra Low Attachment 96U plates (CC).  10,000 cells per well were seeded and cultured in HUVEC growth media for 1 day at 37 degrees C.  Results:  The LC plate shows one spheroid body, while the CC plate shows several areas of cell attachment to the culture plate.