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PCR Master Mix

Our DNA amplification products have been made to give you the best chance of success with every reaction. We aim to offer a master mix suitable for almost all occasions. The MegaMixes are simple to use and contain everything needed for PCR amplification except your primers and template. They are designed to produce optimum yield with minimum non-specific background and to enhance reproducibility. All of our MegaMixes are triple-QC’d to ensure maximum consistency between batches. This robust quality has proven especially popular for our customers working in clinical genetics diagnostics.

For larger or custom pack sizes, please inquire This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

icon MegaMix Citations (114.5 kB)
icon MegaMix-Blue Citations (114.5 kB)
icon MegaMix-Gold Citations (98.5 kB)
icon MegaMix-Royal Citations (105.5 kB)
icon Rox-MegaMix-Gold Citations (99.5 kB)