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TuffSeal film, sterile, for processing, storage & transport MAF410

$46.00 each


A tough, puncture-proof, light-blocking 2 mil non-permeable metalized polyester film with medical-grade adhesive designed for processing, storage and transport of plates, TuffSeal film protects the contents of each well and eliminates evaporation, crosscontamination and leakage. Excellent chemical and humidity resistance. Attractive reflective, mirror like appearance. Dimensions 3.25 by 5.625 inches for sealing all standard-size plates. Easy to apply and remove, no tendency to roll back during application. Strong pressure-sensitive adhesive provides reliable seal under all conditions. Tougher than metal foils, will not tear, rip, or puncture, ideal for stacking. Recommended for temperatures from -40ºC to +120º C. Sterile, 50/pk