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Flatbed Modular, Horiz. flatbed chamber, modular unit FC-EDCMod-4856

Flatbed Modular  51e86da0c3121
$5,221.00 each


Flatbed Modular, horizontal flatbed chamber, modular unit.

Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 48 cm x 59 cm (H x B x D)
Electrophoretic work space (cooling plate + frame) = 270 x 310 mm
Delivery complete with additional pump (7,5 V), cooling tubes, power cables
Applications: horicontal isoelectric focusing and horicontal electrophoresis on extricable drawers; up to 4 modules can be set on each other formating the "Modular Tower"
Maximal Voltage: 3500 Volt
Lid: Can be parked above its working position
Every electrode-lid can be parked above its drawer (for deposition)
Electrodes: integrated directly in the lid, movable platinum-electrodes. Distances: 9 cm - 26 cm.
Cooling: aluminiumoxyde-ceramic plate (267 x 215 mm) “direct cooling ”; additional pump (+7,5 V power adapter) working range: 5°C - 40°C