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UltraBright Large Format LED Transilluminator TLL-100

UltraBright Larg 536a81ef8a3a6
$906.00 each


UltraBright LED Transilluminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory bench, or within gel documentation systems. Lighting from the LED source inside the instrument produces light with a narrow emission peak centered at approximately 470 nm, effective for the excitation of nucleic acid and protein stains such as EtBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR® Green I & II, SYPRO® Ruby, SYPRO® Orange, Coomassie Fluor™ Orange stains, GelGreen, GelRed and Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain. 

• Instrument dimensions (mm): 280D x 340W x 80H
• Viewing surface dimensions (mm): 160D x 200W
• LED Wavelength (nm): 470
• Sensitivity: up to 0.1 ng
• Uniformity: < 5% CV (coefficient of variance)
• LED life: 50,000 hours
• Power: 24V - 1.25A
• New design frame with amber filter
• Weight (Kg): 3