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DNA Release

microLYSIS®-PLUS contains an optimized mixture of detergents plus enzymes to effectively degrade tough cell walls which is ideal for more difficult tissues such as some plant and animal tissues.

  • extremely rapid one tube, one reagent method
  • suitable for standard and Real-Time PCR
  • microLYSIS®-PLUS is also available as a 5x concentration

microLYSIS® contains the same optimized mixture of detergents as microLYSIS®-PLUS but without the enzymes which is ideal for less challenging cells such as bacteria, yeast and mammalian cultured cells.

  • microLYSIS® is also available as a 20x concentration

icon microLYSIS Citations (154 kB)
icon microLYSIS-PLUS Citations (115.5 kB)

DNA Release

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