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Capper for 1.5 / 2.0ml screw cap tubes CAP1000

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$989.00 each


The Capper offers the convenience of a flip cap with the security of a screw cap. This semi-automated unit offers many advantages for capping and/or de-capping microtubes & microvials. With a true one handed operation, you will never have to put down your pipette to close a microtube or microvial making capping faster and less distracting. Contamination is greatly reduced because the cap remains untouched through the entire process – dirty gloves or bare hands are no longer a source of contamination. The Capper has a small footprint for use on the lab bench or in the hood and has been designed for ergonomics to reduce hand fatigue and repetitive stress.  The Capper can be modified using an easy release feature making the capping head interchangeable to work with various tubes and caps - see Compatibility Chart. Unit comes with 10 racks of caps (330 caps).  Patent pending.

Press Release (March 17, 2014) New Tube Capper/De-capper Offers High Flexibility at a Low Price