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Double sided water cooled vertical sys., 20x20cm w/casting base P10DS-2020-WC

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$1,374.00 each


Double sided water cooled vertical system, 20 x 20cm w/casting base. Unit is designed to provide both high ample capacity and increased run length. Runs either one or two larger format 20cm wide x 20cm tall gels. Unique casting base allows both casting and running of the gel without unclamping from the upper buffer chamber, providing for safer and more convenient gel handling.

Water cooling feature is included for protocols that require it. Connections are easily made by attaching standard tubing over the 3/8 barbed in/out ports provided on the device. Water may be provided by tap or other temperature controlled water source. Optional alumina backer plates may be used to facilitate cooling efficiency and uniformity.

System features:

  • Heavy duty upper buffer chamber with cooling port connections
  • Lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • Casting base
  • Two-pack each of plain & notched glass plates
  • One acrylic blocker plate (used when running only one gel)
  • Ttwo 10-well, 0.8mm thick combs
  • Four 0.8mm thick side spacers