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ProCatcher disposable gel excision tips, 4.0 mm x 1.0 mm, racks PRO4.0-R

ProCatcher dispo 5005e9a933199
$184.00 each


Designed for removing bands from agarose gels, ProCatcher uses a simple and rapid two-step process. The rectangular band shaped disposable tips, 4.0 mm x 1 mm, molded from polypropylene, eliminates cross contamination between samples. Current methods, such as using razor blades, are unsafe, require multiple steps including washing or rinsing, lead to variable results, and are slow and tedious. ProCatcher is safe and efficient one handed operation, a with a push button gel and tip release, providing researchers with uniform extractions. Since excision time is so fast, less time is spent looking down into harmful UV transilluminators. Packaged Tips fit standard 1000 ul pipettors. 240 tips/case