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LavaPurple 5 mL Fluorescent Protein Stain LP012005

LavaPurple 5 mL  5005ee3d20875
$162.00 each


Fluorescent 1 & 2D protein gel and blot stain. Dilutes to 1L. Sensitivity to as low as 50 pg/band. Linear quantification over 4-orders of magnitude, Compatible with MS, DIGE-labelling, Environmentally friendly. Easy to use.

Moritz, C. P., Marz, S. X., Reiss, R., Schulenborg, T. and Friauf, E. (2014), Epicocconone staining: A powerful loading control for Western blots. Proteomics, 14: 162€“168. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201300089

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