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35% OFF GeneCatcher Tips

Designed for removing bands from agarose gels, GeneCatcher uses a simple and rapid two-step process. The rectangular band shaped disposable tips, 4.0 mm x 1 mm or 6.5 mm x 1 mm, molded from polypropylene, eliminates cross contamination between samples.

$82.00$65.60 each GeneCatcher disposable gel excision tips, 4.0 mm x 1.0 mm

$82.00$65.60 each GeneCatcher disposable gel excision tips, 6.5 mm x 1.0 mm


UltraThin LED Illuminator

UltraThin LED Illuminator offers the flexibility of easy gel cutting. Compact and lightweight for easy portability. 210mm(D) x 210mm(W) x 30mm(H) - viewing surface: 120mm(D) x 70mm(W).


$506.00 each UltraThin LED Illuminator


ThermoMix 500

Digitally controlled Peltier heater and cooler (6C - 105C) orbital mixer (3000 -15000 rpm) for cell killing, RNA transcription, immunoprecipitation, enzyme kinetics, etc assays. Interchangable sample blocks for plates or tubes.


$1,950.00 each ThermoMix 500



Blotting paper for minigels

This new thick blotting paper is free from contaminants and ideal for western blotting of proteins from gels to membrane. The pure paper is precut for your convenience, and is compatible with all minigels. If you need a different size, just call and let us know and we will cut to your specifications

Blotting paper for gel transfers


$35.00 each Filter blotting paper (thick), 7.5cm x 10cm